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"Hi Anwyn and George!
I just want to thank you again so much for the wonderful instrument you have created for me! Our gig last weekend was one of our best J and playing with your HG was a dream. 
Here are some pics attached and a video. Take care and I hope we keep in touch,

Alex G, Sweden

Note: You can check out Alex's band 'Medvind' using their new 'gurdy at a performance.  Follow this link for youtube video
"Hello, Anwyn!
In Japan, we are in the full of spring.  Tokyo where I live is being the full of cherry blossoms.  It is so beautiful! My la priel, I have used it 3 times for my LIVE.  I am very satisfied with it and its sound.  Of course, It is so happy to play it!  And it has so good looking, there is no people who does not say "Oh, what a beautiful instrument!".
I continue to introduce my LIVE report using it.  Today I send you the photos of la priel with Japanese SAKURA cherry blossoms.  It is so beautiful!
Thank you.
-Katsuhiko M., Tokyo, Japan
Altarwind Music
"I can´t express with words how wonderful is my new instrument. Everything is perfect: the details, the finish, the sound, the design... I have received the best treatment of Anwyn and George. The communication during all this time has been excellent, and Anwyn and George have answered every doubt I had. They also have adviced me since the beginning, guiding me to the best option for me.
I´m extremely happy with my instrument: the relationship between price and quality is excellent. The quality of the sound is superb, clean and wonderful. Everybody loves it.

Thank you so much for everything.

Cristina Sánchez, Cuenca, Spain."

Lots of hugs for you!!!!!
Hurdy Gurdies by George & Anwyn Leverett
"I am so happy that my hurdy gurdy has arrived! After all these months of waiting it was definitely worth it. It looks absolutely beautiful, the craftsmanship is astonishing. After a while of tuning and poking around I got it to make a sound and boy does it sound good. I played for
hours until my arm got tired. I own over thirty instruments but this one is now by far the most beautiful, both sound and speculation.  I am also very pleased with how friendly good people Anwyn and George are. They answered all my questions and have a great customer service.

Sigurbođi Grétarsson from Iceland.
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