"I wanted to thank you for everything, the gurdy is fantastic!  You've gone far and above all of my expectations.  The instrument sounds and looks great. The artwork is awesome, the craftsmanship is superb, and the electronics sound so cool! I'd definitely recommend any of my folkie friends to your excellent business, even if it meant not being one of the only dudes around with a hurdy gurdy ;)"
Andrew C.,  Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) 
Altarwind Music
George & Anwyn Leverett
P.O. Box 32, O'Brien, OR 97534
email: or call 541-596-2006
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The documentary segment PBS filmed of our work making hurdy gurdies has finally aired! You can see us on Oregon Public Television on 'Art Beat'.  Click Here to watch it now...
April 2008: See our Hurdy Gurdy in the movies!  The Canadian movie production The Sea Wolf' bought one of our hurdy gurdies for use in the film. (Apr. 2008)
Feb 27, 2011: Hurdy Gurdy at the Orchestra!  The Northbrook Symphony Orchestra (Northbrook, IL) performed pieces featuring the Hurdy Gurdy as the solo instrument.  The soloist, Jim Kendros, played a La Priel for the occassion.  Click here for more information (links to a .pdf copy of the newspaper article) 
April 2011: CONGRATULATIONS to Ed Paloucek. Ed entered the National Irish Music Competetion (Fleadh) in Chicago with his 5 string  Gypsy Gurdy and won first place!   You can also hear Ed's band Atlantic Wave perform around the midwest.  more...
May 17 2012:  Anwyn and George will be on TakilmaFM radio on Thursday night. We (and our instruments) will be joining DJ Kelly & Wave's program 'soul washing sounds'. The program runs from 7-10 pm pacific; we'll be joining in around 7:30. You can hear the show live on the internet at
Sept 30, 2012: Hurdy Gurdy at the Orchestra!  The Northbrook Symphony Orchestra (Northbrook, IL) will once more perform pieces featuring the Hurdy Gurdy as the solo instrument.  The soloist, Jim Kendros, played a La Priel for the occassion. 
October 2012: We are very pleased to announce that Jimmy Herman (banjo player/fiddler for the Carrie Underwood band!) plays an Altarwind Hurdy Gurdy   Click here for more info!
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September 2014: New Carved Horse Headstock!   We can now adorn your hurdy gurdy with a horse,  or choose from one of our other designs-Lady head, Dragon head, or our Lion head to your instrument for only $200.00 (click here for more info)
lady headstock
vielle carved lady head
hurdy gurdy carved dragon head
June 2013: See our Hurdy Gurdy on television!  The Canadian production Klondike will be using one of our hurdy gurdies the miniseries
Oct 2013: SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE! -Yes, that was one of our hurdy gurdies shown on Saturday Night Live recently!  
Pictured are some stills from the show- shown is Regine Chassagne of the band Arcade Fire, using our 'Moncur' model for the skit.  (original airdate Sept 28, 2013)
Hurdy Gurdy Lesson Book
Jan 2014: Lesson Book Now Available! After numerous requests, we have made our lesson book available to the public.  click here for more info
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Horse headstock