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The 'Harmonizer'
Price:  $2,995.00
"This is everything I thought it would be.  I can't even tell you what a great decision it was to buy from  It is also great to know that you are just fine people.  I mean...I bought a great, great instrument from some really great people."more...
Greg S. Marquette, Minnesota 
Description & Features:
We are very pleased to introduce the option of a third row of keys, which you can use to play harmonies along with your main melody strings (check out the SOUNDCLIPS/VIDEO tab above for a demonstrations) .  At last: True polyphony from the hurdy gurdy keybox!   This instrument has two main melody strings, keyed by two rows of keys (normal so far) but then we've added a 3rd melody string, which is keyed by it's own separate fully chromatic 3rd row of keys.  Like most other features on a 'gurdy, this feature can be turned on/off independently off all the others, so you have lots of options when arranging your music.
This instrument is built on our time tested 'Moncur' body shape, so it starts with a great sounding design.  From there we added features not normally found - the 3rd row /harmony keys, 2 trompettes, with two low drones rounding out the sonic spectrum. Also included are a full set of 4 drone capos and sympathetic strings. 
If you're looking for a beautifully crafted, full featured instrument that goes beyond the normal feature set, this is the instrument for you.
(click on items below for more information)
* 7 strings standard–  2  main melody strings, 1 melody string which is keyed by a separate row of keys, 2 low drones,  & 2 trompettes (gut & composite)
* Drone Capos Full set of 4 standard
* Sympathetic strings two sets included (8 total symp. strings)
*2 trompette / chien /buzzing bridge (the “dog”)
* Adjustable bridges
* Fully  chromatic with 2 octave range-23 Keys
* Fully adjustable metal tangents and Marshall plate
Sitka Spruce soundboard
* NEW FEATURE- remote on / off switches standard feature  
* All hardwood construction for best possible tone
* Your choice of soundholes (see ourrosettes for details)
* Included artwork-Choose from one of our designs
*OR: instead of artwork, choose our dyed instrument package (click the 'PICTURES' tab above to see what we mean
Note: Is there a feature you want but don't see here?  We probably include it even though it's not listed.  Feel free to drop us an email for more specific info.
Buy with confidence-
1 year warranty
We provide a one year warrantee with all our hurdy gurdies,
but we build them to last a lifetime.
QUESTION:    What's the difference between this and the 'La Priel' model'? Why the price difference?
ANSWER: The "La Priel" comes with a more intricate art package & inlay (if you want that look on this model, click the 'OPTIONS'  tab above for pricing).  Aside from the look,  the 3rd melody string on the La Priel is controlled by the main two row of keys, and as such plays parallel to the main melody strings (or you can turn them off using the 3rd melody string for alternate tunings).  With this model: there is an additional row of keys dedicated to only the 3rd melody string, so you can play a 'g' note on your main string, and a 'd' on your harmony string (for example).    Because of the 3rd row of keys, there's a whole lot more engineering involved.
QUESTION:    Didn't this feature used to an add-on to your other models?
ANSWER: Yes indeed.  It's turned out to be such a popular feature that we have decided to make it it's own model.  It's also an effort to simplify things for newbies-this way every 'must have' feature is included standard, you don't have to worry about sorting through which features you need or don't need.
See our Frequently Asked Questions page for more
Do you want to compare our different models of Hurdy Gurdies?  Visit our Comparison page.
Here's what is included
Padded Soft Case 
Zither Wrench
(for sympathetic strings)
The Instrument
(of course!)
Hurdy Gurdy Lesson Book
Our Lesson Book
"Getting Started on The Hurdy Gurdy"
George & Anwyn Leverett
Cotton & Rosin for the Strings
(No image
Spare Dogs &
(just in case...)
Free Help
Hurdy Gurdies by George & Anwyn Leverett