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We're very grateful for the feedback we get from our customers, but the most important thing to us is how you will feel about the instrument.  
Customer Comments and Reviews
"I wanted to thank you and George for the wonderful work.  My girlfriend cried as soon as she saw the hurdy in the bag.  Her father played it a bit for some of our friends who had never seen nor heard such an instrument.  We are very happy and we hope that one day, when we have children, they too will learn how to play it.  Thanks again for everything"  Yannick B., Quebec, Canada
"Thank you! My wife could not get over how beautfiul an instrument it is.  The artwork is lovely.  Please tell George that it has arrived and we are totally impressed with his (and your) craftsmanship. Very well done!  Thanks again for your great and timely work."  John B., Bloomington,  Minnesota
"I wanted to let you know that the HG arrived in good shape.  It looks great, and the sound is superb.  Congratulations to both of you for the obvious craftsmanship that went into the construction."  David C., Bethel Park, Pennsylvania
"I have so many compliments on the hurdy gurdy as being a show piece and really love how good it sounds when I play it. You have been more than kind with the help in learning how to play my instrument. Thank you again, I wish you and Anwyn a prosperous New Year"

Jerry S., Atchison KS
"Thank you for crafting this amazing instrument. With the background drones, melody, and rhythm, I am now a one person orchestra!"

Bruce Alexander, Canada
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